How to walk on Club Penguin walls – No Hack

6 09 2008

I decided to make a video to show you all how to walk on the Club Penguin walls.  You can use this cheat virtually anywhere.  You must have Internet explorer 7 or 8. 

Here is a video tutorial:



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Thanks for watching!




11 responses

6 09 2008

Cool! I Love That Glitch! 😀

7 09 2008

Wow nice vid

7 09 2008

I don’t think I have a zoom but I’ll check later.

7 09 2008

For some strange reason it won’t let me log on to my blogspot account it says email not in database but i checked it like 20 times and it was spelled correctly i used to be able to log in got any ideas

7 09 2008

Coolio Tech! XD

7 09 2008

Wow that is so cool. But whenI went on my dads computer I noticed thats its only you that can see you on the wall.
ps. How did Eazy3 get banned?

7 09 2008

Idk how he got banned. 😦

7 09 2008

watz up dud i am having my blog hits party at august 7 server icicle starts at 6:30 at the dojo then we move on to places

7 09 2008

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8 09 2008

awsome dude this is so cool but one thing that is bad people cant see u!

1 01 2009

hey guys i have some cool news club penguin will be hosting a late start to new years party. do all u cool penguins have any ideas

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